• Hello everyone!

    I have observed that this week our videos attracted less people than during the last 10 weeks, we really need to build a good program of good videos! You know that YouTube is one of the most efficient ways to be more known that's why we have to boost our publications. Quiz don't work, Theories are not that numerous, Top 5 but about what? We need more Top something videos, perhaps we should try if somebody has the necessary material gameplay videos! It is really important, I ran out of ideas.

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    • How about another video where you use that male voice in the background? Maybe it could be a video of inspiration to show what Daisy has been through? Just a random idea....

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    • So Raul and Maveo haven't gotten back to you about recording some gameplay for us? That's unfortunate...

      Didn't you have a video planned about the WAD Organigram? And what about the fanart galleries? Or WAD music?

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    • Rik, the matter with this voice is that  it is an electronic voice, very  hard to record it, only ZFM knew how to proceed. But sorry but I didn't understood exactly what you wanted this video be about? ^^

      Seinc, unfortunately not yet and I don(t really know if they would accept... The WAD organigram is still in my mind but I don't see at all how to do something good and original, fanart Gallery doesn't work either (the two videos we have still have under 1000 views!) and WAD Music I had one ready but I needed a fanart DPT had to do but she likely forgot...

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    • And Jourdon told me that he had 4 videos in preparation but I don't know if he finished or nearly finished some, and I don't want to speed him...

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    • Well, I think the Organigram video is needed so everyone can know who rules what, and who to go to if they need something. It's pretty important.

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