• I’m back after these few days.

    All what I can say is that as you saw and wanted an excuse message has been spreaded so my awful work could be corrected in people’s minds (I hope to not have done that for nothing)

    But something that suprises me a lot (and disappoints me) is that exept Seinc, nobody came here since I anounced my break (and a break is different from a leaving). This was really surprising and unexpected (in the bad way).

    Now let's forget it and move forward. 

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    • I'm glad your back! Don't let them get to you. In the video, you only used facts, except for the Smash Bros part where you gave an example of what could've happened, and I honestly don't see anything wrong with considering the possibilities. What went on was very disappointing to say the least, and I was hoping for and expecting better from the admins who represent the group.

      Thankfully, the majority of our supporters could acknowledge what was right in front of them, so the response to the video has, thankfully, been very positive, and I don't regret encouraging you to upload the video. The message is out there now, and that's all that matters. So we can all, hopefully, move on from this.

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    • Welcome back! You're still on for THAT "PLAN"???

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    • Hello Daisy Forfuture !

      I'm really sorry about this ! I don't know what happened here... :(

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    • Hello!^^ Lynda don't worry, you're not concerned ;)

      Jourdon of course!

      Seinc yes it is true, but well the best option was to keep the video while avoiding us to be attacked or what so this happened but well, now we have to see for future projects...

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    • I hope everything is alright then...

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    • Well, excuse me, but I have my reasons why I haven't been online these days....

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    • RikiiU wrote:
      Well, excuse me, but I have my reasons why I haven't been online these days....

      I understand, I haven't been able to access the wikia for a week.

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    • Welcome back!

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    • A FANDOM user
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