The Palace is the first playable field in Super Mario Strikers as

The Palace

well as it's sequel. It is Daisy and Peach's field. The Palace is a prerty generic location as it is simply a field made of grass with outlines drawn on. It is located in the Mushroom Kingdom and has the seating capacity of 15,000 individuals, having the lowest seating capacity in the game. The Palace is the Mushroom Cup's Special field. Before Princess Daisy and Peach got the field, the North American instruction manual for the game states that a royal family at once resided there and therefore is a stadium of great tradition.


  • Originally, it appears Daisy was supposed to share a court with Donkey Kong. an early build of the game has a court named "DK_Daisy" which was ultimately turned out to be Konga Coliseum. It is unknown what the court would have looked like, outside of a Donkey Kong and Daisy affiliation.


Super Mario Strikers Soundtrack The Palace Intro

Super Mario Strikers Soundtrack The Palace Intro