Technique is a character type that groups together characters with similar attributes. Technique characters often are skillful, and depending on the sport, the visual effects vary.

Games in which Daisy is classified as this Character Type Edit

Daisy is first shown to be a Technique character in Mario Tennis (N64). This is Daisy's first debut in a sports game, and thus the general view on Daisy's character type is often seen as Technique due to her initial entrance showing off this skillset. Daisy would reappear in future Mario Tennis titles (Mario Power Tennis, Mario Tennis Open) as a Technique type character with the exception of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Often, Daisy's Technique allows for her to aim the ball for the corners of the court better with her tennis racket.


Daisy's stats in Mario Sports Mix

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 and its successor, Mario Sports Mix, would continue to portray Daisy as a Technique character type. In Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Daisy had noticeably better aim with the ball at the cost of being an easy target to steal the basketball from. In Mario Sports Mix, a character's stat distribution is divided into three sections (Power, Speed, Technique), where Daisy has below average Speed and Strength, and above average Technique. Daisy's technique is best showcased in her special move, which brings up a field of flowers and often hides where the ball is, exhibiting her skill-set. Daisy can also aim the Volleyball, and Hockey Puck around faster due to her Technique. In Dodgeball, Daisy's throws come with a natural curve to them.

A screenshot from Mario Sports Superstars shows Daisy as a Technique character. It is unknown if she will only be Technique in the baseball mode or if she will remain Technique in all of the game's featured sports.

Trivia Edit

☀ Outside of the majority of the tennis games and the Square Enix crossovers, Daisy is not portrayed as Technique. Combined with the fact that the latest Mario Tennis game transitioned Daisy from Technique to All Around, it appears Daisy will eventually not be associated as Technique in future games.

☀ While Daisy has been a Technique character in several Mario games, in the Wii U version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, her technique is actually her lowest stat, with her Speed and Power being much higher.

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