Super Mario Strikers
Official artwork
Character type Offensive
Weight class
Team number 9
Mega strike Torpedo Strike
Special ability
Official bio Daisy's witty attitude matches her playing style.
Baller name

Daisy appeared in Super Mario Strikers as a playable offensive captain. She plays in orange and her team number is 9. Her outfit exists of two pieces: a jersey and shorts. She also wears soccer shoes. Her super strike is called the Torpedo Strike. When she performs it, little Daisy emblems can be seen behind the ball.

The Palace Edit

The Palace is the first playable field in the game. It is Daisy and Peach's stadium. It has the lowest seating capacity in the game, having a total capacity of 15.000 spectators, and it is composed of grass. It is situated in the Mushroom Kingdom and is the Mushroom Cup's Special field:

The Palace

Originally, it appears Daisy was supposed to share a court with Donkey Kong, as an early build of the game has a court named "DK_Daisy", which ultimately turned out to be Konga Coliseum. It is unknown what the court would have looked like, outside of a possible combination of Donkey Kong and Daisy affiliation.[1]


  • Deanna Mustard, Daisy's voice actress, said in an interview that she liked the Mario Strikers games because Daisy's personality shines through in these games.


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Video Edit

Super Mario Strikers Daisy's Animations Home-2

Super Mario Strikers Daisy's Animations Home-2

Super Mario Strikers Soundtrack The Palace Intro

Super Mario Strikers Soundtrack The Palace Intro