While Daisy has never explicitly been categorized as a Strength type, her attributes in some spin-off games heavily imply that she has a considerable amount of strength. Many games such as Mario Superstar Baseball compared Daisy to her counterpart Peach and Daisy is consistently said and shown to be the stronger of the two. As of now, Daisy is only really considered a powerful character in the Mario Golf games.

Games In Which Daisy Is Classified As This Character Type Edit

  • Mario Party 3 would show a scene where Daisy punches Bowser into the sky wearing only her gloves. Daisy seems to be powerful as she is able to send Bowser flying with the flick of a wrist. While it has been shown previously Mario has to grab Bowser by the tail and even then require some effort. It is possible that Daisy sending Bowser flying to the sky that easily was done for comedic purposes.
Mgtt stats

Daisy's stats in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

  • While Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour doesn't divide the characters into classes such as Speed, Technique, or Power, Daisy can indirectly be classified as a Power character. Her drive in this game is 213 yards. This is even higher than Wario's drive (210 yards), and Wario himself is a Power character in other sports games. Daisy's drive is only weaker than Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Petey Piranha. Star Mario has a longer drive than Star Daisy, but otherwise regular Daisy has a longer drive than Mario. The significance of drive is how far the golf ball can go, which almost directly corresponds to the golfer's strength and power that they can put into the ball to make it go so far. Daisy was most likely given such a large yard distance to emphasize her tomboy personality.
  • In Mario Golf: World Tour, Daisy is again one of the stronger golfers. She still has a 213 yard distance, but now Mario's yard distance is stronger, like how Star Mario in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is stronger than Star Daisy. While Daisy still has a powerful yard distance, her drive is still lower than Bowser and Donkey Kong's, but now Kamek and Rosalina surpass her as well as Mario (mentioned above). Her drive distance is tied with Nabbit, but Star Nabbit has a slightly higher yard distance than Star Daisy.