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Streetpass Mii Plaza is an application for Nintendo 3DS software, where players can "meet" people from around the world through both Street Pass and Spot Pass. Players are allowed to customize their Mii through unlockable outfits through various minigames. Below are all of the known references to Princess Daisy found throughout this application.

Puzzle Swap

Puzzle Swap is a default game to the StreetPass Mii Plaza application, where players can use obtain puzzle pieces through interacting with other players, or via purchase through play coins. Puzzles often get added through updates for players to collect all the pieces. Of note, the Mario Tennis: Open puzzle features Mario and Peach swinging tennis rackets to hit the ball. If the player angles the circular pad in a down - left fashion, a bigger view of the picture can be seen, with Yoshi and Daisy cheering on in the background. Daisy throws her right hand in the air, then throws it up in the air again while kicking her right leg up, then alternates with her left hand and leg. GIF needed.

Mii outfit

In the other default game Find Mii, players seek out on a quest to save their Mii, and can be rewarded with hats that can be worn by their Mii. In particular, a hat called "Daisy's Crown" can be unlocked in Find Mii.

In order to unlock Daisy's Crown, players must complete one round of Find Mii to unlock Find Mii II - Secret Quest. 

StreetpassDaisy'sCrown (1)

The player must play through this "Secret Quest" for a total of two times. On the second visit, in the Perilous Prairie - Entrance section, the player will find the Daisy's Crown hat in a chest.

Daisy's Crown includes Daisy's hair, earrings, and crown (pictured right).

When viewed in a player's collection, Daisy's crown comes fourth in the list, just behind Mario's Cap, Luigi's Cap, and Peach's Crown.


☀ Although there was a Puzzle Swap puzzle about Nintendo Starlets, which included Peach, Rosalina, and even Pauline, Daisy did not appear in this.

☀ The same original wig from StreetPass Mii Plaza would later reappear as an unlockable Mii hat (used for Mii creation) in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.