Princess Daisy's unfair situation

Princess Daisy is one of the most discussed Mario characters. She has a lot of fans, the problem is that Nintendo totally ignore them. Nicknamed the Queen of the spin-offs, she appeared in more than 55 games! Except princess Peach, no feminine character of the video game universe can say that. It's time for Daisy to obtain what she deserves!

Her first appearance was in Super Mario Land a MAIN game. Now she's is only in spin-offs. She belongs as much as Mario, Peach, Luigi and Bowser for example to the main series!

Nintendo put her always as an alternate Peach costume in Super Smash Bros. Is this normal when we see for example that Mario and Dr Mario are two different characters? Fans gave her numerous movesets that are totally different from what Peach does, she was one of the most wanted women during the Smash ballot. Nintendo can't ignore that.

AT LAST she appeared in Super Mario Maker through a complete costume. Let's hope that it's only the beginning of a great something! We need more!

Princess Daisy is everything except a Peach clone! Having the "same dress" isn't a clone criteria, and if she's added in more games everybody will see that Princess Daisy's universe is very different.

If Nintendo don't let her having a chance, how could we judge her?

Her Amiibo is, AT LAST, going to be RELEASED on the 4th of November in the second wave of Super Mario amiibos, it's amazing!!

But more and more people, not only fans, want her in more main games, we have to show to Nintendo that we exist too, that Daisy can only be beneficial for them, Mushroom Kingdom is overused, Sarasaland is so interesting with its very different landscapes, from China to France styles. Nintendo has to understand and act positively to our requests. We Daisy fans are tired to not be heard, we feel like we are pretty the only fanbase to be ignored.

Personally I (Daisy Forfuture, founder of the group) grew up with her, since Mario Kart: Double Dash!! I love her and I'm very sad when I see all the very bad things and the insults which are said about her, again only because she never had her chance to shine. (For example, where was she during the Year of Luigi?)


That's why things have to change, please sign our petition and spread the word.

Together we'll be stronger, it worked for Luigi, it will work for Daisy. We can do it!! Don't give up now and more than ever keep spreading the word!! Everything has to change during 2016 (or earlier will be better).

Thank you SO MUCH!

We Are Daisy Group

A bit of History

Princess Daisy comes from Super Mario Land, one of the best selling games on the Game Boy. In this game, Mario has to save princess Daisy from the evil alien Tatanga.

The scene takes place in the Princess Daisy's kingdom, Sarasaland, which is separated into four regions: Birabuto, with desertic landscapes, pyramids, palm trees, it looks like Egypt; Muda, a completely immersed territory, Easton with its Moaïs and specific rocky enemies and Chaï with Chinese landscapes. Each region has a mini boss. At the end, Mario meets Tatanga in his spaceship and will manage to beat him.

Despite the fact that Sarsaland is first shown with only oriental landscapes, we can see in the Mario kart series (if Daisy's races takes place in her kingdom) that there are occidental landscapes too. It means that Sarasaland is very diversified, interesting and by the fact, must be developed.

All that for what?

First of all, it's to say that Daisy, in a hand, is far from being forgotten by Nintendo, contrary in some sayings from some haters.

In an other hand, how could she be that much represented in the most popular spin-off series of all times and having nothing in Super Mario games for example? Nintendo has to stop believing that putting Daisy in only spin-off titles will satisfy her fans, because it's completely wrong. Things have to change and that's why the We Are Daisy group exists. So join us please to make Nintendo understanding that we exist too and we want a lot more than that.

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