NES Open Tournament Golf
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NES Open Tournament Golf is the first Mario Golf game (not counting indirect games), as well as the first Mario sports game. The game was released on the NES in 1991. A version of this game was made for the Nintendo PlayChoice-10 in America, called "Mario's Open Golf".

This game marks Daisy's second appearance in the Mario series, and her first appearance in a spin-off game. Daisy received her first Sportswear in this game, which was based off her dress from Super Mario Land. Daisy appears as Luigi's caddy. On the game's title screen, Daisy has a blue dress and blonde hair instead of her yellow and white dress and orange hair due to color limitations on the NES.


  • This is Daisy's only appearance on the NES.
  • This is the first game in which Daisy appears alongside Peach and Luigi, the two characters Daisy is most closely associated with in current Mario games.
  • The Kodansha Mario manga adaption for this game shows Daisy and Peach golfing together with the Brothers, despite neither of them actually being playable in the game.


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