This is the Gallery for Minecraft: Wii U.

Daisy's Appearance Edit

Daisyville Edit

Daisyville is a city created by Daisy FORFUTURE and Jourdon respectively on Minecraft Wii U and Minecraft PC. This city represents the We Are Daisy group, all members can suggest ideas for new constructions. Jourdon creates the north part of the city, whereas the south part is built by Daisy FORFUTURE:

Other parts of the city (not built in MC Wii U) Edit

North Daisyville Edit

Muda MallEdit

Muda Mall is the first mall of the city. It has been built by Jourdon and this section will show you the mall of course with all its shops.

Daisyville Docks Edit

Daisy Flowers Baseball Stadium (Daisyville Dock) Edit


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