Miiverse is an accessible website, which was originally only accessible on the Wii U, later updated to be available on the 3DS, and ultimately on all devices with internet, where people with Nintendo Network IDs can interact with each other in many communities. Most Wii U and 3DS game come with a community for it on Miiverse. Each community includes a small icon accompanied by a graphical banner at the header of each unique community. Below are all the communities which feature a header banner and/or icon that depicts Daisy in some manner:

Users interacting on Miiverse

Miiverse Communities that Reference Daisy

Mario Tennis

Daisy can be seen on the Mario Tennis (N64) Virtual Console Community's Miiverse Icon. Daisy is specifically in the bottom left corner, with one hand in the air, reflective of the game box's original artwork.


Daisy can also be seen on the NES Open Tournament Golf Community's Miiverse Icon, where she appears on the right, placing her arms on top of Luigi's shoulders. She is depicted with a blue dress and blond hair, although this is most likely due to graphical limitations of the time. This is the same image that appears on the title screen of the game.


Daisy appears on the Mario Party 10 Community's header when viewed on a Wii U system. Daisy appears immediately to the left of Luigi, slightly off center. It is worth noting Daisy looks resized to be smaller than some of the other characters on the same header, although Daisy is not the only one to have been shrunken. Her artwork is the same modern appearance used in games such as Super Mario Maker, initially created for Mario Kart 7.


The Mario Party: Island Tour Community's header features an image of Daisy when viewed on 3DS or Internet. Daisy can be seen towards the bottom, soaring through the sky while holding Toad's hand. This community's header is a slightly modified image used on the game box's original artwork.


☀ Depending if one views Miiverse on the 3DS, Wii U, or Internet Browser, a Community's banner may appear differently per system of viewing. As such, the 3DS and Internet versions of the Mario Party 10 community feature a different banner that does not include Daisy. The Wii U version of Mario Party: Island Tour community shows a cropped version of the pictured above header, which no longer shows Daisy.