aka Marco

  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Big Daisy fan
  • I am Birdo
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  • Hello Marco. Seeing as I am one of the two leaders of the wikia, I feel I must inform you as to why you have been banned.

    You have violated rules many times. We decided on the rules of the wikia together as a group, yet you continue to regularly violate them.

    Rules which you have violated

    • "Discussing is of course fine, but don't take it too far. If a person has a certain opinion, you can give counter arguments, but you may not be able to change someone's opinion. You should then leave it for what it is, otherwise you might provoke an argument."

    This is a rule which you have violated several times. One of those times being today. It is important to know when to stop, but you don't. You instead continue to push on for whatever reason. Take someone like Jourdon or DaisyFF, they are fully aware when enough is enough. On several occasions, they'll even leave a discussion all together if it gets out of hand. This level of maturity is expected from our group's members. Especially from administrators.

    • 5) "Talking about other characters is of course also fine. But again, don't take it too far."

    This one speaks for itself.

    • "You have show disrespectful behavior towards a member of We Are Daisy or of one of its branches"

    These are just a few of your disrespectful remarks during our most recent discussion:

    "Can you read? One is a toy one us real. And no you have not."

    "NO! Smash Luigi is a doll and it's not even canon. Damn!"

    These comments show how rude you are, and how easily you can get worked up over small things.



    • Denigrate/ despise/ insult Daisy
    • Stop ruling a branch without warning an other admin, leading to an abandoned branch
    • You have show disrespectful behavior towards a member of We Are Daisy or of one of its branches
    • You insult an other admin

    As an administrator, these rules must be followed at all times. You have been banned for 2 days. I hope you understand that I cannot lay of for a friend. The founders entrusted me with the role of co. leader, meaning I must take action when this kind of inexcusable behavior is shown. I have also removed your admin rights. You will get them back next monday.

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    • So now we're comparing Marco with Memory man? Tf? Harsh?

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    • RikiiU wrote:
      So now we're comparing Marco with Memory man? Tf? Harsh?

      I'm just saying Memoryman's actions outside of the group had an impact on his ban.

      Please, I know Marco is your friend but banning him was the right decision. He does this all the time. Leave it at that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So I've an idea for discover if Daisy is in Odyssey: We go on Nintendo website and send them a mail, if their anwser will not be pleasing enough we will send new mails all together, I know maybe they won't tell us "yes she's in" or "no she is not in" but maybe they will give us some clues!

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  • I discovered something incredible on Twitter

    This book was released in 1993 only two years after NES open and Print World, it's a sort of popularity chart and as you can see Daisy was number two. We just disscussed that the developing team of SML were Myiamoto's rivals, Wario was created for (apparently) make fun of Mario! So I would not be shocked if Myiamoto hates them but... doesn't ring a bell? Daisy was more popular than Peach? Their beloved character was surpassed from a character made from their rivals? So Myiamoto may have put Daisy into a early hiatus for almost ten years for making people forget about her... and he succeded! In fact there are a lot of people that thought that her first role was in Mario Tennus 64 or never played Super Mario Land!

    Now it seems that Daisy is more liked than Peach again but she still less known than her since she mainly appears in spin-offs.

    Doesn't this make sense?

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    • PrinceBowserJr wrote: I know I'm late, but I really wanted to talk about that because it really bothers me that you act like this is truth.

      I do not want to get any of you offended. In fact, I have a lot of respect for this group, because I think Daisy (as well as many other characters) is over-hated for the dumbest reasons and it's good to see positive talk for once.

      The problem is: Who knows how accurate it was and who knows how important this chart was at the time? And overall, I don't think this proves anything, except from the fact that it was a mistake to not make a popular character appear for so long.

      You need to know that many video game fans won't hesitate to turn the producers into massive jerkasses who only care about themselves and their own tastes and creations for no other reason that a little thing they don't like about a game. I know about that by seeing many Smash Bros. fans despising Sakurai for apparently favorising characters he created into the games or characters that he likes. It's the same problems for Miyamoto, as this situation proves. No matter how much hard work they put in their creations, a single problem is enough for a huge majority of players will make them go insane and making them want to ternish their reputation.

      Also, your video says that Miyamoto took profit of Gunpei Yokoi's passing to get rid of Daisy, but he died in 1997, which means that Daisy already had between 6 years of complete absence, so it doesn't really makes sense.

      And don't forget that other characters have had this fate: Birdo until 2000, the Koopalings until 2009, Toadette for 6 years...

      I can't prove him innocent, but you can't prove him guilty either, so... He did mistakes, I don't say it's not possible, but here, it's just an overtaken assumption.

      Again, I don't want you to get mad. I just don't feel like you should do this kind of things because that belongs to people who are quite often wrong in their minds. But in the end, it's your decision and I'll respect it.

      No one is really acting like it's the truth, in fact the video posted on youtube is a theory, a possibility and it can be wrong as well.

      For the 6 years before Gumpey's death...that part is kinda flawled since it doesn't make sense, it was just for show that Myiamoto is close minded and apparently had a rivality with Gumpei's team (the first part was said by RPG's developing team the second is another possibility).

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    • I believe I misunderstood the video and thought that the "theory" aspect was dropped when describing the situation and mocking Miyamoto. If so, my bad.

      But I also said this due to the main page saying "We know why Daisy disappeared".

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I remembered your birthday was April 8th. That was 2 days ago! XD

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  • Great job! I love all of your debates!!!

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  • Mario Cap - Same hat as the trailer, but with a crazy-high jump. Because of how high it takes you, your air speed is slightly slower to keep it balanced.

    Luigi Cap - Mario tosses out Luigi's cap and can spin jump off of it to slowly descend (think SM64's spinny jump). Also gives Mario higher normal jumps and low traction, assuming Luigi isn't playable.

    Peach Crown - Tossing the crown at enemies heals one hit point each (assuming coins don't heal), but you take damage if you jump on it. Jump and hold to float for a short time (automatically activates upon holding jump). Makes Mario a bit slower in general.

    Toad Cap - Makes Mario run faster and jump lower. You can jump on the cap for a low bounce, but can move very quickly in the air after using it. Good for speed-running and making shortcuts.

    Yoshi Hat - Allows Mario to toss yoshi eggs at enemies. Hold the hat toss button to stop, aim an "X" cursor, and release to toss an egg. Has decent range and a small blast on impact.

    Bowser Hat - Toss the spiky hat forward to turn it into a spiky shell. You can't jump on it, but you can run into it to quickly bounce around the area in the shell until you eventually slow down to a stop. Good for dashing and taking out lots of enemies.

    Bowser Jr. Hat - Gives Mario a F.L.U.D.D. hover nozzle hat with unlimited water supply on top. Hat toss button activates it and the expelled water can stun enemies. The hat has a Bowser Jr. color scheme to keep it within the theme.

    Rosalina Crown - Pressing the toss button allows Mario to do the star spin from Galaxy. As with Galaxy, using it while ground-pounding lets you do the homing ground-pound.

    Daisy Crown - Lets Mario create up to 3 flower platforms beneath him, much like the Cloud Suit from Galaxy 2. Each platform has 5 seconds before it wilts. Rather than becoming worthless after 3 times, landing on a solid surface resets your uses.

    Wario Cap - Gives Mario the punch-punch-kick and jump-kick attacks from SM64. (Complete with "Yeh-Wah-Hoo!")

    Waluigi Cap - Lets Mario walk by normal enemies without drawing attention, which lets you use the cap as a grapple to pick enemies up and toss them.

    Boo Hat - Lets Mario turn invisible for 1 second, which makes him invincible like the Vanish Cap in SM64. To keep it fair, it has a 3 second cooldown.

    DK Hat - Gives Mario a barrel to quickly run on top of. It breaks after you roll into an enemy, but you can also use it to walk on top of water like in SMRPG.

    Diddy Hat - Allows Mario to create a vine to swing on. Can make another vine after landing on solid ground.

    Silver Mario Cap - Works like the Metal Cap in SM64, allowing Mario to turn heavy and sink into water. Turning heavy in the air gives your ground-pound a small shock-wave. Has an unlimited air meter (assuming there is one).

    Gold Mario Cap - Acts like regular Mario's Cap, except one coin = 3 coins. However, using the hat jump costs one coin. Out of coins? The cap breaks and you fall to your doom. Useful for 100-coin missions (assuming they return.)

    From Gamefaqs

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    • It would be great! But we will probably get it for Mario 50st anniversary...

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    • TheKingOfSarasaland wrote: It would be great! But we will probably get it for Mario 50st anniversary...

      Oh yes!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Seruously watch the comments on the new Gamexplain video of Mario Sports Superstars and tell me what you think -_-

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  • Because they were too busy making the Inkling suit...

    Seriously Inkling hot a mii suit and in all honestly is not even that cute but Daisy, Boo, Waluigi or Jr still without it.

    It's official I hate Nintendo and I can't wait to switch to PS4 (and I'm not talking about your Switch)

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