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  • It all started with your incapacity to deal with your personal feelings. You became mad at Rik because he told you several very bad things what was true. Then you said that he launched wrong rumors about you without proofs. But you couldn’t understand, or didn’t want to understand why he did so, as DPT said there is not smoke without fire, it came from somewhere and from whee : you played with Rik’s feelings after he revealed you a very personal secret. I can’t really say more about it since I don’t think Rik would be agree to share this.

    So since then you started to hate on Rik, until creating rules especially for him while he was already banned and Jourdon and me had to try to convince you that itw as not right to apply rules to people who were already banned whereas these said-rules didn’t exist at this time. You even forbade us to affiliate the Dutch wikia Rik created for the only reason he created it !

    You created this huge matter and you haven’t been able to solve it by yourself, leading Jourdon to ask DPT and myself’s help. So we tried our best to conciliate everything but you were so close minded that even when Rik tried to apologize, he did it several times, you still told him that he was mentally ill and that he needed to get help, who are you to say such destructive things ?? You know that Rik is a sensible person and that he suffes from depression, telling him such things can really be damaging.

    Then there have been this new occupation you got : forbiding Rik to participate to the new contest by all the means. Since you known after a lot of debates with me that you couldn’t administratively do it because Rik was banned from WAD nucleus but not from WADG, you took it as a personal matter, but Seinc in « professional » life, personal matters have to be banned from your brain, there are rules, you apply them and that’s all, you who you call mature weren’t even able to avoid to have this childish attitude because yes it is childish, when you don’t like someone when you’re older, you just ignore this person, you can bblock him/ her from your accounts if you want but its has only to impact you, less the other person and not the entiere team. But it is what happened.

    Then this big discussion came, the one in which I asked you to come in a conversation with DPT and Rik to solve once for ever this matter you created. So for an immature person and incompetent leader like me I think I did a lot more than you in all this whereas it didn’t concern me at all, well not directly.

    During this conversation, you accused me of breaking two promises I made to you : First, publishing your contest video on the main channel, while I said normally in our initial conversation about it, you took it as a promise and accused me to not respect it when I « threatened » you while saying I wouldn’t publish it if you didn’t came in the conversation with DPT and Rik. I’ll remember you for the last time (with a proof a the end of this message) that you firstly said that you didn’t care if I didn’t publish the video.

    Second, Rik couldn’t participate to the contest, you accsed me to have broken this one too, but Seinc, did you see just one entry from Rik ? The answer is no. So false accusations.

    Then you started to call me then DPT incompetent leaders and why ? because we wanted to end your fight with Rik. Being competent is creating wars and making a bad atmosphere all-day long acording to you ?

    And then it became out of control, You forced DPT and I to come in the live chat while doing the countdown, very arrogantly, otherwise you would have left, to tell us you part of the story. Then when I told you to hurry up you told me to shut up. Then you called me a bitch, a brat, that nobody cared about my feelings, that DPT and I use people for us and that we don’t care about them, to defend yourself from me calling you « impossible » and « selfish » , I’ll let you judging the hugely ridiculous level of this. If WAD exists it is for Daisy, not for us (DPT and I), we are really proud to what we allowed : giving a giant network to all Dais fans in order to speak about her freely. DPT and I don’t gain anything in this, like everyone in this Group only our passion for Daisy motivated us ! You told DPT she was not right to participate to this because she was never present, actually like a lot of people in the Group she has a lot of work everyday and can’t be everywhere, like I don’t see you vey often on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for example.

    Oh and of course, as the great leader you should have been, I think you coudn’t assume too these words you said : « stupid community full of idiots » ! And then when I told you to lead WAD, it became the best community of the world !

    Several big words came out too bu I can’t remember of everything, I submitted to you to lead while telling you that DPT and I kept our respective branches, but you started to whin about this too becase once again you kept only what you wanted, you told me once again that I HAD to publish the video, otherwise sanctions would have been applied (proof too if you want, what is good with email boxes is that everything can be kept !) so THIS is a threat Seinc, like when you said that you could be able to erase all the branches from the wikia if I didn’t follow your orders. And once again you created a matter while telling everyone this video would be uploaded without telling me before and this became my fault.

    You told us several time that WAD couldn’t live two days without you in it (and after we are the arrogant ones), well I’d like to say let’s try ! I’m pretty certain that once again, you’re wrong ! You told us that we never recognized your work while we gave you this director place, then you told us that we forced you to do so while I published a message on my wall to know who would want to become director, you even tried to disqualify Marco and Rik at this time.

    And very recently you strongly insinuated that Daisy a filler so this counts as despising Daisy, for a « « « « leader » » » » of a Daisy group, you’ll guess that it is highly disqualifying. You too doubted about the efficience of the Group, you just can’t call yurself a good leader, stop being ridiculous, you are ot better than all these haters who say that what we do is useless, with people like you the world would have stayed at stone age. You are one of this long list of persons who dosn’t have any opinion on anything and who other people can easily brainwash, you don’t lead, you undergo.You criticisized a lot in this recent Ggl+ conversation WAD potential and capacities, but of course you didn’t give any solution so this is irrelevant, you did absolutely nothing to help, you just sat and watch, so saying suchthings is really unwelcomed. But actuall once again it reflects really well your tendancy to create matters and to not solve them !

    The wars, you created them, ask anybody, they will agree. Actually everyone get along with everyone, you’re the only one to have the big big incapacity to deal with your personal matters. Everybody have personal matters !

    And of course this is added to the big arguments you created in the past, leading to have several members like Marco or SB who wanted to leave for a while !

    To sum up, since you feel like you’re the best leader of the world, these are some advice for your future : Being a leader is not complaining everytime you are in bad mood, it is to develop our Group and find solutions to evolve, I REALLY don’t see how you can call yourself a leader when you don’t believe in what you lead as I could see in the recent Google+ conversation.

    Being a leader is looking for development as said earlier while looking for alliances, developping the AP etc…

    Being a leader is solving matters, not creating them and make other people who just want to help looking incompetent and worse than you.

    Being a leader is too putting aside your personal matters, in this recent Ggl+ conversation you didn’t stop to critisize several people including Rik, DPT and myself, what a good vision you give !

    Being a leader is not acting like a child while sharing to everyone you can your problems with some others

    Being a leader is not despising members of the Group you lead and of course not the community itself

    Being a leader is not threatening to remove all the branches belonging to WAD for the only reason peope you don’t like lead them.

    Being a leader is not telling to a member of your community who suffers from depression that he is useless, that he is mentally ill and needs help, help that of course you don’t provide, even when he tries to apologize.

    So i’m perhaps immature and incompetent but at least I’ve got some social skills you don’t have called respect.

    So Seinc, you’ll have understood that, I think that since you won’t recognize your big mistakes because you like to be victimised, when you say bad things it is just to answer to imaginary insults, you do something it is great, somebdy else does the exact same things he/ she is the worst person ever, a big sanction has to be applied, you’ll be banned from WAD but you reamin a mmber of WADG but I don’t know why, I guess you’ll want to leave the entiere Group too because for the first time in your life, someone told you STOP. You did so much more but I can’t list everything, it would be too long, if people want more details about this long argument between Rik and you for example they’ll come and ask me or Rik.

    Oh and if you want to become a hater as you mentioned it at the end of the Chat conversation, well go ahead, we won’t decide for you what to do with your future, just that you’ll only be somene with 0 opinion. You channel won more than 100 subs since you’re a part of the AP, most of them are Daisy fans so if you become a Daisy hater, I’ll let ou know what will happen.

    I don't take in account the whole banned/ not banned story you created too and the SGM matter.

    I can’t even say that you disrespected some rules, you exploded them actually, I’ve never seen a such amount of hate and disrespect from anyone, even from haters, toward everyone and espcially DPT and me. We gave you this director post thanks too your high competences and your passion, but with this you became more and more a tyran and you disappointed a lot of persons. Stop being arrogant and come back on Earth or you’ll have big problems in your life. Bye.

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    • Well, that's that.

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    • First of all, those rumors he spread about me were all indeed false. I gave you a link to an example of him doing so in the wikia's live chat. As for this secret bull, I assure you he has never revealed a secret to me, this is the confusing part. And what can I say? He felt it was okay to harass me, so I think it's only right that I got to have a go at him once or twice.

      I can't forbid anything dearie. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't. And your the one who assured me that he was in no way associated with us lol. Honestly dearie, get your facts straight. The creating rules thing? No, your thinking of the Marco thing from a while back. That was an occasion where I didn't realize what I was doing wasn't allowed, and I undid anything I had done in terms of Marco's rights after I figured out how the rules of a ban actually worked.

      He never apologized. I was the one who did that. Twice. The closest thing he got to a real apology was telling me that "we had both been mad". I;m not in control of Jourdon dearie. It was his choice to do that, and I had advised him several times not to involve himself in the situation,

      That's the one thing I actually did to wrong. But it's honestly nothing compared to the fireworks Rik set off.

      Actually, I didn't create the matter. Rik did by insulting me on a daily basis for no reason, and spreading weird rumors about me on G+. I gave you a perfect alternative to using Google hangouts and you didn't take it dearie.

      You had actually promised me in the live chat that you would publish it and dearie, dearie, dear, that is what we in the real world call a threat. I didn't say that I didn't care, I simply said that the video didn't actually NEED to be published. :p

      But in fact dearie, you promised me he couldn't, and then told him he could.

      For one thing, you were being totally biased. Another thing? You had the audacity to involve DPT in this when she's never even here to see what goes on. More, you didn't even give me a chance to explain the story of what actually happened. That's utterly ridiculous.

      I told you to shut up because you were spamming "hurry up" in the chat, I didn't call you a bitch, I told you NOT to be a bitch. And yes, I called you a brat for the reasons mentioned above and because you began insulting me. Of course I forced you to come to the chat. You needed to hear the story of what actually happened. But you wouldn't listen to anything I said and instead spammed "hurry up" in the chat. Now THAT'S immature dearie. You do only care about yourself in fact. Like how you wouldn't even allow me to tell you the real story for example. And I'm often on Twitter dearie.

      Actually, you and DPT were the only ones I called idiots. And this is a stupid community, look at the way you handled this matter for example! You didn't even let me tell you the story of what actually happened.

      Afterwards, I specifically sent an e-mail to you saying sanctions wouldn't be applied, and I kept my word and did nothing.

      I was actually right. I mean, most of the pages are still shit because I wasn't able to finish fixing them, Memoryman is probably gonna return any day now, and the contest and SG are pretty much a thing of the past.

      No I didn't, I simply said WAD wasn't responsible for anything that's happening to Daisy. This is a little fan club on the internet. It's not going to change the mind of a huge company. How could I make great changes to WAD? I was the leader for like 4 days lol.

      Like how I shut down arguments you start on the wikia when someone like Lynda or Jourdon disagrees with you? Done that.

      Similarly, Rik was incapable of doing that. Don't you be pointing fingers dearie.

      You do that too. The other day you said you could stand Rik because he created a "best Mario girl" poll, and you said you hated Queenlummy several times.

      I never said I'd do that. That's a false accusation right there.

      He didn't try to apologize, and you said yourself that he was useless in the live chat when compared to everyone else. Don't try to tell me he isn't. All he did was complain on the wikia, even when we gave him something to do, he complained.

      Or maybe that's because of the lack of respectable people here? Think about that for a second.

      I already left days ago though lol.

      "Can you find the crazy lady's false accusations?" I never said I'd become a hater, just that I might as well when looking at how bad the Daisy fanbase is. By the way, my sub count has nothing to do with the AP. My Rosalina videos and the "top 10 Mario girls" videos I created gained me any popularity I have. Don't flatter yourself dearie.

      I'm not the only one who broke a lot of rules dearie. And about the eliminating people from the director position? I never did that. You asked me who I thought should be the director, and I said SB or Lynda. Then you asked me who shouldn't be the director. I answered Rik with no mention of Marco. Get real honey.

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    • But with that, I realize you are too biased to take anything I say into account, and this will be my last message on the Wikia. I did in fact need to say my peace though. Goodbye everyone.

      - Seinc

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    • This reply has been removed
    • A FANDOM user
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  • Seeing as DFF doesn't want to do her job anymore, she has put Jourdon and myself in charge of the group for two days. If you have any problems, feel free to ask us anything! :)

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  • Hey guys! I wanted to apologize to you for what's been going on these past two months. I've been involving you two in my problems with Rik's misbehavior, but I honestly didn't know what else to do. I needed all the harassment and stress he was causing me to stop. Still, that doesn't excuse me involving you in my problems. As the We Are Daisy Director, I may have to rule the group some day, and I have to be ready in case that day comes. You both saw things you wouldn't have seen if I hadn't called on you, like Rik going, well, crazy. In short, we've lost Memoryman, ZFM, and now Rik. We can't afford to loose anyone else. But what's done is done and we can, hopefully, move on now without any arguments.

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  • Could you please give me again the message?

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    • Should we have announced the Halloween Art contest today?

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    • Of course!

      Hello everyone! We Are Daisy is holding it's second Halloween contest! All you have to do is draw Daisy, optionally with other Mario characters, in a Halloween costume or Halloween setting, and post it on Google + with #WADHalloween. The winner will have their art featured on the cover of the October edition of Sarasaland Gossip and will be credited for their work. The contest ends on October 24th! Good luck!

      Jourdon, like I said, I'm taking care of everything.

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  • Hello everyone! Since it's creation decisions made at the DC have only ever applied to the wikia. However, I, with DaisyFF, have decided that the decision committee will, as of now, apply to the entire group. So if there is a decision you want made that involves any branch related to the We Are Daisy group, you may bring it to the DC and a decision will be made.

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  • You're two edits away from achieving 9000 edits! This is great! You edit quit more than even Daisyforfuture herself, make two edits and you'll reach 9K 

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    • Oh yes, I edit quite a lot. ^^ Though it's been put to a temporary stop because of my laptop issues. :p I've always tried my best to find our mistakes and correct them. I'm glad to see it's paying off. :)

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    • Speaking of which I have to fix a major mistake on the Fanmade Games RikiiU pointed out. 

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    • What is it?

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    • Turns out on our Fanmade games page, there are two sections named Daisy Gardens for MKwii and Daisy Hills in Mario Kart Wii. Even though those tracks are provided by CTGP a fanmade service. The custom tracks made for Daisy and MK7 tracks took from MK7 to be in Mario Kart Wii. Those would be MODS instead of Fanmade games. So I'm moving them to the Mods page

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  • Hey everyone! My laptop charger broke a few days ago, for that reason, I haven't been very active here for the last few days. For now, I'm stuck using a Samsung tablet until I get my laptop back some time within the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this limits what I can do with editing, helping to rule parts of WAD, and SG, meaning I will most likely not be able to complete my remaining SG pages (being Peach's birthday). While I'm mostly inactive, I leave the Wikia completely in the hands of Daisy9 and DaisyFF (please shut down any fights that happen here guys ^^). I hope to be back as soon as possible! :)

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  • So it seems that whenever I have to ban someone from the main WAD organisation, there are many mixed reactions I get. I just want everyone to know that most of the rules aren't written by me. In fact, we as a team decided on them together. I don't like having to block/ban people, but when they break as many rules as Rik did, I have no other choice but to remove them from WAD for the sake of the group. It's one of my main jobs here to enforce rules, and I'm doing my best with that. I've made mistakes in the past and even been the source of many problems here (I'm so sorry for any trouble I've caused, I really am), but I'm honestly not like that at all.

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  • Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! Due to a major incident that occurred in the live chat earlier, RikiiU has been removed from the We Are Daisy group. Therefore, we need someone to take his place in the DC.

    Normally, I would set up a poll and allow everyone to have a say as to who they believe should be at the head of the entire group making decisions. However, the only active member of the main We Are Daisy team who is not a member of the DC (Besides Daisy POTENTIAL who works from outside the Wikia) is Sonicboom. Therefore, I would like to welcome him to the DC! Congratulations, Sonic! I know for a fact that you'll do great work at making decisions for the group!

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  • To be honest, I'm not too concerned with her inclusion in Smash myself, but I was wondering, does anyone think she'll make the cut next time? For myself, it's tough to say, with her current situation and all, but I think she was probably considered for Melee, as she was this new (kinda) and interesting character, and Peach's "Daisy" model is very detailed, even going as far to change parts of the model such as adding Daisy's earrings, brooch, and gloves. In Brawl, I'm not sure if she was even considered. She could've been, but there isn't much proof to suggest this. For Smash 4, I think Daisy was kinda blown out of the water once Rosalina was announced. Not only had she not been used in a while, but there where 3 princesses in the game at that point.

    As we've seen, Daisy is slowly climbing the ladder to a bigger appearance, with her cameo in Paper Jam, playable appearance in Super Mario Maker, various references, etc. But do you think she finally has a shot at becoming playable next time? Or would you prefer for them to make a proper Daisy model to replace orange Peach?

    It's not like she doesn't have potential. During our Smash Bros contest, we got tons of great new ideas for a Daisy moveset! But I'm honestly not sure if she'll appear due to her lack of appearances, the whole Rosalina thing, and everyone in the Smash community hating her because of someone. I of course hope she does (it's always great to have Daisy around of course ^^), and think it's certainly possible if she were to get some more attention and use from Miyamoto.

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    • Daisy FORFUTURE wrote:
      Honestly I don't really care too about Daisy's introduction in Smash, for me the main Mario series (or more unique spinoffs such as Mario + Rabbids) is way more important and don't forget that the Super Mario characters in Smash appeared in at least 2 main games. But for the Super Mario cast, it is obviously Daisy who has the priority over everyone else since Rosalina has been in the game. If there is a new Mario character, it WILL be her.

      I have to agree. Who else could they use? She's more relevant than Waluigi, unless they use Captain Toad or something. Mario + Rabbids is amazing! She'd fit right in!

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    • Plus Waluigi's chances before Daisy are lower since Sakurai apparently isn't FOND of him which is why he's been made an assist trophy.....twice.

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    • A FANDOM user
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