Princess Daisy has been the subject of many derivative products. This page aims to list all the merchandise related to Daisy.

Dolls Edit

Only two official plushies of Daisy have been released, both by the company Sanei. Sanei has released several Super Mario characters as plush dolls. The first Daisy plush was released in later 2012/early 2013 alongside Birdo, Dry Bones, and Kamek. The second Daisy plush was released in late 2014 as part of the Super Mario All-Star Collection, where she was released alongside several other popular characters. The Super Mario All-Star Collection Daisy is a little taller than the original Sanei Daisy plush.

Figurines Edit

Two finger puppets of Daisy have been released.

Bandaï released a set of finger puppets based on characters from Super Mario Land. Daisy is among the ten characters included in the entire set. This is most likely the only figurine depicting Daisy in her original design.

A second finger puppet of Daisy was released in 2005 as part of the Mario Party Collection. Daisy is one of the 11 characters featured. The Daisy finger puppet is modeled after her Mario Party 5 artwork.

The Japanese company Furuta has released many different buildable figurines of Mario characters which are obtained from chocolate eggs. One figurine of Daisy was released, and was first featured in the second series of characters. This same Daisy figurine was later re-released in a different set which featured a mix of figurines from Furuta's first two sets of Mario figurines.

Daisy was featured in a series of Mario figurines by Popco and Goldie. Daisy was one of the six figurines in Series 2, which was released in early 2009. Oddly, the Daisy figurine was released before the Peach figurine made by Popco and Goldie, as Peach is part of Series 3. This specific Daisy figure has been re-released several times. The figurine was originally released in a red blister packaging with Mario on it. The Daisy figurine as well as the other Series 2 figurines have also been released in a green blister packaging featuring Luigi. These green blisters refer to Daisy as one of the rarer figurines in Series 2. Daisy and Shy Guy have been released together in a two-pack, which was later re-released again with the Luigi packaging. The Daisy figure has also been released in a three-pack with Mario (the one from Series 1) and Luigi (from Series 2) only in the red packaging. Finally, Daisy was released in a six-pack alongside the other Series 2 characters: Mario (standing still pose), Luigi (jumping pose), Koopa, Shy Guy, and Lakitu.

The official Daisy amiibo was released on the 4th of November in 2016. In North America, the Daisy amiibo was released on the same day as Mario Party Star Rush. Daisy has received a few different Mario Kart figures over the years. A Mario Kart DS Daisy pullback figure was released alongside several of the other racers. A Nintendo World Store set for Mario Kart Wii also featured Daisy. A separate Mario Kart Wii set in Japan also released Daisy in both her Standard Kart and her Standard Bike. K'NEX released a Daisy figure in the Super Mario K'NEX blind bags back in 2013. She was part of Series 2, where she was the rarest figure in the set and was limited to 2 figures per box. She was later released as a repeat figure in the Series 6 blind bags, again as one of the rarer figures. The K'NEX Daisy is not available in any K'NEX building sets, and can only be obtained in blind bags.

Baby Daisy got her own figurine in a certain set of Mario figurines. Oddly, adult Daisy is not featured in this set of figurines at all.

Daisy is featured in the Super Mario Chess game. Alongside Peach, Daisy is a Bishop piece on Mario's team.In 2017, USAopoly released a game called Super Mario Level-Up! Daisy appears on the box for the game and is also one of the 13 playable game pieces available.

Also in 2017, USAopoly released Super Mario Checkers Princess Power Edition, a checkers game with Peach & Daisy. It is exclusive to Toys 'R' Us.

Posters Edit

Several Mario posters have been released over the years. Daisy has been featured on a few different posters.

Other Edit

Daisy has appeared alongside Peach on Nintendo DS and 3DS accessories.

Daisy has been featured in the Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros released for the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Brothers, which was released in Japan. The encyclopedia covers every mainstream Mario platform released at the time, including the first two Super Mario Land games. Various characters and enemies who have appeared throughout the Super Mario platformers have short bios about them. Daisy's bio translates to: "Very young princess of Sarasaland. There she was kidnapped by a villain called Tatanga." Daisy is featured on a page in the "With Luigi 30th Anniversary" book. Various Mario characters appear in the book, including Daisy. Daisy and Peach's artwork from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is featured on one of the pages in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2017. The company Moschino has released Mario products. One of their products is a pouch bag which features Daisy on it alongside Peach and Rosalina.Jo-Ann Fabrics has released several fabric designs based on Nintendo and its various characters, ranging from Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. Several of their Mario fabric designs feature Daisy on them. Daisy is featured on at least four of the Mario fabric designs. One of these designs features several different Mario characters, and Daisy can be seen beside Peach. Another design features the heads of most of the characters on the other fabric (Except Toad, Rosalina, and Lakitu. Yoshi and Wario are not seen on the image shown). The pink fabric features Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette, and a pink Yoshi. The Mario Kart 8 fabric features Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Toad.Daisy appears on a newer Mario backpack with the usual 2D artwork of her being used. Along with the other characters on the backpack, the Daisy art is used multiple times on the backpack. This backpack is available at Target stores.

A set of Super Mario-themed Hot Wheels set released at Walmart stores across the United States in 2016. While there is no Daisy-themed Hot Wheels car, Daisy appears on the packaging for the Mario Hot Wheels car.

IMG 20160808 022253

A limited offer from Nintendo UK allowed people who pre-ordered Mario Sports Superstars to receive a bag featuring the artwork of the game box, which features Daisy.


An official Heat Changing Mug based on the Game Boy exclusive to ThinkGeek's website. It depicts the scene from Super Mario Land where Mario rescues Daisy. It normally shows a blank screen, but adding liquid to the mug will show the scene from the Super Mario Land game.

Hover Cover ( is a cover designer for the Nintendo Switch. Multiple high quality designs made of vinyl wraps exist now, and Peach and Daisy got their own one!

Daisy appears on the covers of several Mario Party strategy guides.In a five-pack of Mario character socks for women, Daisy is one of the five characters to appear on a pair of socks.

A t-shirt for Mario Kart 8 was released as a Club Nintendo reward before =it was discontinued. This t-shirt features a Daisy silhouette along with her name.

Another t-shirt featuring an orange Daisy silhouette was also released. This one being without her name on it.In 2017, the company Scribe released several notebooks featuring Mario characters. One notebook features Daisy, Peach, and Rosalina. It is available in Mexico.The company Simplicity has released patterns for creating costumes of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. Instructions and dress patterns are included. They are available in two sizes: one size for women and another size for kids.

Unofficial Merchandise/Bootlegs Edit

The Super Mario series in general is a common target by bootleggers and counterfeiters. Bootlegs are generally not considered fan-made items, as bootlegs are usually made to try and rip people off and not buy the original products. Daisy herself is a frequent Mario character used for bootlegged Mario merchandise. The most common Daisy bootlegs are Daisy plushies and poor looking figures, most of which are just recolors of a Peach figure.

A set of weird-looking Mario figures features Daisy, where she is just a recolor of the unofficial Peach figure also seen here. There are also various other characters in this "set" of figures that are not seen in the image below.

A few bootleg plushies of Daisy exist. One certain Daisy plush has a similar design to the Mario Party 5 Peach plush, and the plush has a derpy-looking face. This bootleg Daisy plush is commonly sold alongside bootleg Peach (based on the official MP5 plush) and Bootleg Rosalina plushies.

Bootlegs of the Sanei Daisy plush also exist. It is of a lower quality of the official Sanei plush, and usually has a New Super Mario Bros. U tag.

Unofficial figures based off the Mario Party Collection set of figures exist. They look very similar to the official figures, but the sculpts have minor differences and a terrible paint job. In Daisy's case, the bottom of her dress is poorly painted compared to the official figure. The eyes, eyebrows, and mouth are usually poorly painted.

Fan-made Items Edit

Like bootlegs, fan-made items are not official, but they are instead made by fans, unlike bootleggers.

For Iphone things decorated with Daisy's theme

For various Daisy themed T-shirts.

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