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Daisy appears in Mario Tennis Open with the striped outfit as her default outfit, which is based on Peach's design. She is a Technique type in this game. Not just Daisy, but every character who was playable in a past Mario Tennis game reuse voice clips from older games, with Baby Mario's being reused from Mario Tennis (N64) and everyone else reusing Mario Power Tennis voice clips.


A Mii wearing an outfit with a Daisy color scheme and also holding Daisy's tennis racket

The player can unlock a Daisy costume to be used for their Mii. The costume varies depending on the Mii's gender, but both variants have Daisy's hair, crown, and earrings. The male Mii wears an outfit resembling Daisy's regular sports outfit while the female Mii wears an outfit resembling Daisy's tennis dress worn by Daisy in this game.

In Doubles Tournaments, Daisy's partner by default is Peach. However, Daisy might still appear in the Tournament and pair up with someone else (such as Luigi, Mario, or even Wario). This only happens if the player is using Peach and does not have Daisy as a partner or if the player has Peach as their partner and they aren't playing as Daisy.

The North-American website of this game had a feature where you could select one of six characters to customize your page experience. The available characters were Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy and Bowser.



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