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Mario Tennis Daisy

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Peach and Daisy as tennis partners

Mario Tennis was Daisy's comeback into the Mario series, after not appearing in any games for nine years. This game also marks Daisy's first official playable appearance. According to an interview, Daisy was revived for this game because of the want to have a partner for Luigi, similar to the relationship between Mario and Peach. Daisy is seen in the intro alongside many other characters, frequently right beside Peach. She is a Technique type character, along with Peach, Shy Guy, and Waluigi. Daisy is the most powerful Technique type character in this game. She was voiced by Jessica Chisum. This was also the first game to give her a tan, with the last game to use it being Super Smash Bros. Melee released in 2001. Daisy wears a yellow and white tennis dress based on her dress from Super Mario Land. Unlike Peach, Daisy does not wear her crown in this game.

While Peach and Daisy are seen together in the game's intro, they are not paired together. In Doubles Tournaments, Daisy is Luigi's partner, and Birdo is Daisy's partner. it is the first game to associate Birdo with Daisy.

This is the first game to feature Daisy's modern emblem, which is still used as her emblem today. It can be seen on her tennis racket.

In this game Daisy is shown to be rather clumsy. After winning a game, Daisy spins around and throws her tennis racket upwards, stumbles, and manages to catch it just before it hits the ground. When Daisy wins a tournament, she will show a great deal of excitement and energy before falling off the stage and blushing.


  • The game description for the Wii U Virtual Console release of Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 refers to Daisy as a fan-favorite character.
  • During the development on Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64, Camelot wanted to create girlfriends for Wario and Waluigi, as Daisy was brought back to be Luigi's girlfriend. This means that "Warupeach" was considered to become a real character. However, Shigeru Miyamoto dismissed the idea.
  • This game marks the first official playable appearance of both Daisy and Waluigi.
  • This is the first and only game in which Princess Daisy has been voiced by Jessica Chisum.


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N64 Mario Tennis OST Trophy Win - Daisy

N64 Mario Tennis OST Trophy Win - Daisy