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Princess Daisy - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

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Daisy goes back to her tank top and shorts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. In this game, her model in this game has been changed to look a bit chubbier to set her further from Peach. This is also her most detailed model yet, with physics on her earrings and hair, along with hair textures. She is again voiced by Deanna Mustard, but her voice clips are reused from past Mario games. 

As Daisy is now an All-Around type, causing her to play differently from Peach. She is faster and stronger than Peach, but she has less control over her shots. In the Knockout Challenge mode, Daisy is the third opponent faced. If the player is using Daisy, she will be replaced by Toad. If Toad is the player's amiibo partner while playing as Daisy, Yoshi will instead be the third opponent faced.

The official website for this game has Daisy on the background of the tab "Play Big". When you click on this tab[1], you'll see Daisy's mega mushroom animation from Ultra Smash. After that, the image becomes static and the page content loads.

Screenshot of Daisy in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash




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