Mario Tennis is a series of Mario sports games featuring characters from the Mario franchise playing tennis. There are seven Mario Tennis games, and Daisy appears in five of them, either as a playable character or as an NPC.

Mario Tennis (N64)

Mario Tennis-0

Daisy artwork from Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis Daisy

Daisy's in game icon.


Peach and Daisy as tennis partners.

This game was Daisy's comeback into the Mario series, after not appearing in any games for nine years. This game also marks Daisy's first official playable appearance. Daisy was revived for this game due to the lack of human characters in the Mario series. Daisy is seen in the intro alongside many other characters, frequently right beside Peach. She is a Technique type character, along with Peach, Shy Guy and Waluigi. Daisy is even the most powerful Technique Type character in this game. She was voiced by Kate Fleming, who sadly passed away in 2006 in a flash flood. This was also the first game to give her a tan, with the last game to use it being Super Smash Bros. Melee released in 2001. Daisy wears a yellow and white tennis dress based on her design from Super Mario Land. Unlike Peach, Daisy does not wear her crown in this game.

While Peach and Daisy are seen together in the game's intro, the two of them are not paired up in this game. Daisy is Luigi's partner in Doubles Tournaments, and Birdo is Daisy's partner.

This is the first game to feature Daisy's modern emblem, which is still used as her emblem today. It can be seen on her tennis racket.

In this game Daisy is shown to be rather clumsy. After winning a game, Daisy will spin around and throws her tennis racket upwards, stumbles and manages to catch it just in time. When Daisy wins a tournament, she will show a great deal of excitement and energy before falling off the stage and blushing.

Mario Tennis (GBC)

Mario Tennis GBC

While Daisy is not playable in this game, she appears as a supporting character. Daisy appears in the game's Exhibition Mode and is frequently seen right beside Peach in this game, such as in the Throne Room and in the Castle Court.

Mario Power Tennis


Daisy's artwork from Mario Power Tennis.


Screenshot of Daisy in Mario Power Tennis.

In this game, Daisy has a redesigned sports outfit, with a tank top and shorts. She is voiced by Deanna Mustard, her current voice actress. She is also a Technique Type along with Peach, but with better power and speed to make up for her bad control of the ball. Peach and Daisy are default partners in this game, always appearing as teammates in Doubles Tournaments if they are CPU players. Her offensive special move in this game is the Wonder Flower, which launches the ball with a swarm of petals, confusing the player. Her defensive special move in this game is Flowerbed Return, where she dives towards the ball with a flowerbed trail behind her. This is one of the worst defensive power shot in the game, due to it having a chance to actually miss.  
Daisy using FlowerBed Return

Daisy preforming FlowerBed Return

Daisy makes two small appearances in the game's intro. She can first be seen on the Tournament bracket with Peach, and makes a second appearance in a Doubles Tournament match with Peach as her partner facing off against Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy.

Mario Tennis Open


A Mii wearing an outfit with a Daisy color scheme and also holding Daisy's tennis racket.

Daisy appears in Mario Tennis Open with the striped outfit as her default outfit, which is based on Peach's design. She is a Technique Type in this game. Not just Daisy, but every character who was playable in a past Mario Tennis game reuse voice clips from older games, with Baby Mario's being reused from Mario Tennis 64 and everyone else reusing Mario Power Tennis voice clips.

Daisy's artwork from Mario Tennis Open.

The player can unlock a Daisy costume to be used for their Mii. The costume varies depending on the Mii's gender, but both variants have Daisy's hair, crown, and earrings. The male Mii wears an outfit resembling Daisy's regular sports outfit while the female Mii wears an outfit resembling Daisy's tennis dress worn by Daisy in this game.

In Doubles Tournaments, Daisy's partner by default is Peach. However, Daisy might still appear in the Tournament and pair up with someone else (such as Luigi, Mario, or even Wario). This only happens if the player is using Peach and does not have Daisy as a partner or if the player has Peach as their partner and they aren't playing as Daisy.

The North-American website of this game had a feature where you could select one of six characters to customize your page experience. The available characters were Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy and Bowser.


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Princess Daisy - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Daisy's artwork from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Daisy goes back to her sports outfit with shorts. She is now an is All-Around Type in this game, like Mario and Luigi. Her model in this game has been changed to look a bit chubbier to set her further from Peach. This is also her most detailed model yet, with physics on her earrings and hair, along with hair textures. She is again voiced by Deanna Mustard, but her voice clips are reused from past Mario games. As Daisy is now an All-Around Type, she now plays differently from Peach. She is faster and stronger than Peach but she has less control over her shots.


Screenshot of Daisy in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

In the Knockout Challenge mode, Daisy is the third opponent faced. If the player is using Daisy, she will be replaced by Toad. If Toad is the player's amiibo partner while playing as Daisy, Yoshi will instead be the third opponent faced.

Unlike the other Mario Tennis games Daisy is playable in, Daisy does have not a default partner as there is no Tournament Mode. It could be assumed that Peach would've been her partner like usual.

The official website for this game has Daisy on the background of the tab "Play Big". When you click on this tab[1], you'll see Daisy's mega mushroom animation from Ultra Smash. After that, the image becomes static and the page content loads.

Mario Sports Superstars

For more information on this game, go to Mario Sports Superstars.

Tennis is one of the playable sports in Mario Sports Superstars, Daisy will also be playable in this game. The tennis gameplay seems similar to Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash as it as the Chance Shots and Ultra Smashes return.


  • There has never been one specific tennis court themed after Daisy. Out of all the other series, this is the only one where Daisy does not get her own specific stage/court/course.
  • One can consider the transition from Open to Ultra Smash as progression to differentiate Daisy from Peach, as she has changed into an All-Around type whilst also sporting an entirely new model and animations. This follows what has been started through Mario Party 10.
  • Nintendo of America's Play Nintendo website references Daisy's connection to Sarasaland (pictured above).
  • During the development on Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64, Camelot wanted to create girlfriends for Wario and Waluigi, as Daisy was brought back to be Luigi's girlfriend. This means that "Warupichi" and, why not, a Warudaisy or a Wadaisy could've possibly been considered to become real characters. However, Shigeru Miyamoto dismissed the idea.
  • Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 was Daisy's first appearance as a playable character.
  • Both Mario Tennis games on the Nintendo 64 and the Game Boy Color are two of the three games where Daisy doesn't wear a crown. The other game is NES Open Tournament Golf.
  • Daisy has worn three different outfits throughout her playable appearances in the Mario Tennis series, her sports outfit, her miniskirt and her tennis dress from Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64.
  • The game description for the Wii U Virtual Console release of Mario Tennis on the N64 refers to Daisy as a fan-favorite character.


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