Mario Superstar Baseball
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Character type Balance
Weight class
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Mega strike
Special ability
Statistics Bat: 6/10
Pitch: 7/10
Field: 5/10
Run: 4/10
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Daisy is a playable, Balance sub-captain in Mario Superstar Baseball. Daisy's stats can be found in the infobox above.

Daisy's abilities on the field are Quick Throw and Sliding Catch.

Every captain has a team name, and they can vary depending on which characters are on their team. Daisy's team names are:

  • Daisy Lilies (Regular team name)
  • Daisy Cupids (Balance character majority)
  • Daisy Queen Bees (Needs Peach, Toadette, Dixie Kong, and a Noki)
  • Daisy Petals (Needs Wario, Birdo, Dixie Kong, and Petey Piranha)

Like the other captains, Daisy has her own special moves in the game. Her special ball is the Flower Ball. When pitching, Daisy throws the Flower Ball with many flowers and petals scattering around it. This is meant to disguise the ball and confuse the batter. When Daisy is batting, she will hit the ball with scattered flowers surrounding it. This is an attempt to confuse the characters on the field.

Challenge Mode Edit

In the game's Challenge Mode, Daisy is a member of Peach's team, the Peach Monarchs. She is available from the start on Peach's team, but if the player starts with Mario, Yoshi, Wario, or Donkey Kong, Daisy must be recruited in order to be used in the Challenge Mode.

120px-Daisy SuperStar Base Sprite
If the player does not choose Peach as their captain, Daisy can be recruited by completing scout missions. Each character (excluding alternate colors) have a certain amount of scout missions, and completing every scout mission for a specific character will allow them to join if you beat the opposing team. The higher the difficulty, the more scout missions. If the player completes all of Peach's scout missions before Daisy's, Daisy will join Bowser Jr's team and can only be recruited by facing off against Bowser Jr's team and completing scout missions for the missing characters.

If playing Challenge Mode as Bowser, Daisy cannot be recruited at all along with the other captains and sub-captains. She may appear as a member of Mario's team in the last game.

The Flower Ball ability cannot be used in Challenge Mode unless the Pretty Flowers item is bought in the shop near Mario Stadium and Peach Garden.


Mario Superstar Baseball features chemistry between the characters. The chemistry between characters can affect their playing style, as good chemistry can affect their playing style, as good chemistry between teammates can cause the characters to be more jovial and upbeat while bad chemistry will cause the characters to be gloomy and slow.

Daisy has Good Chemistry with Luigi and Princess Peach.

Daisy has Bad Chemistry with Waluigi and Petey Piranha.


  • In Mario Superstar Baseball, Daisy has bad chemistry with Waluigi, possibly leading to further proof of their bad relationship.
  • While Daisy is a Balanced character in Mario Superstar Baseball, an early screenshot shows that Daisy was originally a Technique character.
    MSB Beta Image

    Early image from Mario Superstar Baseball, showing Daisy as a Technique character rather than Balance like in the final game


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