Princess Daisy appears as a playable character in the Mario Strikers series. She first appeared in Super Mario Strikers for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005. She later reappeared in the sequel Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii in 2007.

Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers
Official artwork
Character type Offensive
Weight class
Team number 9
Mega strike Torpedo Strike
Special ability
Official bio Daisy's witty attitude matches her playing style.
Baller name

Daisy appeared in Super Mario Strikers as an offensive captain. She plays in orange and her team number is 9. Her outfit exists of two pieces: a jersey and shorts. She also wears soccer shoes. Her super strike is called the Torpedo Strike. When she performs it, little Daisy emblems can be seen behind the ball.

The Palace

The Palace is the first playable field in the game. It's Peach and Daisy's stadium. It has the lowest seating capacity in the game, having a total capacity of 15.000 spectators, and it is composed of grass. It is situated in the Mushroom Kingdom and it's the Mushroom Cup's Special field:

The Palace

Originally, it appears Daisy was supposed to share a court with Donkey Kong, as an early build of the game has a court named "DK_Daisy", which ultimately turned out to be Konga Coliseum. It is unknown what the court would have looked like, outside of a possible combination of Donkey Kong and Daisy affiliation.[1]

Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged
Official artwork
Character type Defensive
Weight class
Team number 9
Mega strike
Special ability Crystal Smash
Statistics Movement: 10/10
Shooting: 3/10
Passing: 3/10
Defense: 10/10
Official bio
Baller name

Daisy reappeared in Mario Strikers Charged. This time, she is a defensive captain, which means that her movement and defense stats are very high, but she has low shooting and passing stats. She plays again in orange with her team number again being 9. This time however, she also has an alternate coloured outfit. Her outfit looks similar to the outfit in the first instalment, but now has added armor due to the game being rougher. Her special ability is the Crystal Smash, where Daisy punches the ground which causes some sharp orange crystals to come out of the ground, knocking out anyone near Daisy. For her mega strike, Daisy jumps up high in the air. She then charges herself with crystals in the air, followed by a punch against the ball. Her default sidekicks are a Monty Mole, a Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones.

StrikersCharged Daisy Alt Model

Daisy's alternate outfit in Mario Strikers Charged.

Daisy shares a Deke ability with Waluigi and the defensive sidekicks: she has the power to teleport in order to catch up with other players. Like Waluigi, she can use the teleport ability to score goals very easily. Although she has extremely low shot power, her Crystal Smash can be used to steal the ball from the goalie to guarantee a goal. This, in combination with her high speed, makes her considered to be one of the best captains in the game.

Daisy's mega strike: Daisy jumps up high into the air with the ball. She will turn mostly black and blue and her eyes will be fully blue. She then raises her hand charging crystals into her clenched fist, and punches the ball straight towards the goal emitting shining crystals throughout the mega strike.

In Striker Challenges, Daisy and Peach play against each other in order to win the Star Cup championship. You play as Peach and have to beat Daisy by at least five goals. She also takes on Waluigi to try to get the 'Brick Wall' for the fifth straight year. The Brick Wall is an award for the least goals against. To pass this challenge, Daisy has to beat Waluigi without conceding a goal. The player can win Daisy's battlecard by completing this challenge, which unlocks the cheat "devastating hits", which gives all players maximum tackling power when turned on.

Daisy also had, along with all other characters, her own theme music. The genre of her theme is rock.

The Palace from the previous instalment comes back as a 'classic' stage. However, there is a new stage called Crystal Canyon, which has a crystal theme similar to Daisy's special power. It zaps out several team members out of play, leaving the goal more open to her tricks. It is unknown whether or not the stage is affiliated with Daisy or not.



  • Deanna Mustard, Daisy's voice actor, said in an interview that she liked the Mario Strikers games because Daisy's personality shines through in these games.
  • Mario Strikers Charged was the first and currently last game to show Daisy with crystal and teleportation abilities.
  • Daisy is the only team captain, who has a light blue Birdo on her team (in her alternate costume in Mario Strikers Charged).
  • Daisy's outfit from Mario Strikers Charged was seen for the second time in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on her trophy.
    Striker Daisy - Brawl Trophy

    Daisy's trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl


See Mario Strikers: Gallery for more images.



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