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Daisy appears as a playable character in Mario Power Tennis. She is a Technique type character along with Peach, Shy Guy, and Paratroopa, but has better power and speed to make up for her bad control of the ball. She is voiced by Deanna Mustard.

Peach and Daisy are default partners in this game, always appearing as teammates in Doubles Tournaments if they are CPU players. Her offensive special move in this game is Wonder Flower which launches the ball with a swarm of petals, confusing the player.

Her defensive special move is Flowerbed Return, where she dives towards the ball with a flowerbed trail behind her. This is one of the worst defensive power shots in the game, due to it having a high chance of missing.

Daisy makes two small appearances in the game's intro. She can first be seen on the Tournament bracket with Peach, and makes a second appearance in a Doubles Tournament match with Peach as her partner facing off against Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy.


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Trivia Edit

  • Mario Power Tennis is the very first game where Daisy first executed her flower manipulation abilities