Mario Party Arcade Machines are often found in arcades in Japan, where players exchange money for tokens and play the machine. If they are successful at a minigame, the player can potentially win a net sum of tokens in return. The arcade machines were never released outside of Japan, making them very rare in North America and PAL regions.

Games Edit

There are a number of Mario Party games available for arcade machines. Because all of these games are based on console versions of Mario Party, Daisy is available as one of the playable characters. The games are:

  • Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party, based on Mario Party 5.
  • Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2, its sequel.
  • Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher, based on Mario Party 8
  • Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher 2, its sequel.
  • Mario Party Kurukuru Carnival, also based on Mario Party 8.
  • Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World, based on Mario Party 9.

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