Mario Party 6
MP6 Daisy2
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Peach missed female companionship until this girl with the orange hair moved into the Mushroom Kingdom. She's already proved she's got the swings to keep up with the big boys in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Power Tennis.

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In Mario Party 6, the microphone makes its first appearance, you can play to bonus minigames with it, participate to quiz. The team names from Mario Party 5 return. The only addition is Daisy and Toadette. Their team name is Shopping Buddies. In this game, when you press the "R" button, she will make laugh of other characters while saying "You know I'll win".

Team namesEdit

Team names Daisy
Mario Nice Couple
Luigi Steady Sweeties
Peach Lordly Ladies
Yoshi Royal Ride
Wario Mismatched Pair
Waluigi Awkward Date
Toad Royal Pals
Boo Haunted Flower
Koopa Kid Grudging Allies
Toadette Shopping Buddies

Miracle BookEdit

Here is the list of pages from the Miracle Book in witch Daisy appears in. Daisy is present on five pages out of the twenty pages the Miracle Book has:


See the Mario Party: Gallery

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