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Mario Party 3 is the third installment in the Mario Party series and the last one released for the Nintendo 64.

This game marks Daisy's first appearance in the Mario Party series. Daisy represents the Beauty Star Stamp. In the story mode, she slapped Bowser in the face and sent him soaring into the sky, simply because he was "in her way." This action was well received by fans and is commonly said to be the reason why Bowser does not usually try to capture her. Like Waluigi, she is only playable in Party Mode. Daisy flirts with the fake Millennium Star (the host of the game) and causes him to fall in love with her (in an attempt to trick him into giving her the Beauty Star Stamp.)



Every character in the game has a favorite item. Daisy's item of choice is the Cellular Shopper. This item allows the player to call Toad or Mini Bowser's shop at any time in order to buy items and have them sent to the player.


SnifitIcon MP3

Each character has his/her own Duel Partner. Daisy's partner is the Snifit. The Snifit is paid 5 coins per lap and can find two to four coins each lap. His characteristics:

Attack: 2/3

Stamina: 2/3



Backtrack is an unlockable board on which the player will have to duel Daisy in Story Mode in order to win the Beauty Star Stamp. The direction can change and Belltop is located at the bottom of the map. It is the smallest board in the game.


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☀ In the minigame M.P.I.Q (Mario Party IQ) the player will occasionally be asked "Who is the princess of Sarasaland?"

☀ Mario Party 3 is the first game in which Daisy mentions her father.

☀ This is the only game where Daisy is shown to have a connection with the Snifit species.

☀ The bottom of Daisy's dress differs between her artwork and her in-game model: in the game, there are little tips between the big patterns which don't exist on her artwork.

  • As mentioned before, Mario Party 3 is Princess Daisy's Mario Party debut.