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In Mario Party 10, there are three main playable modes along with an optional bonus features section. Daisy is playable in Mario Party mode as well as in Bowser Mode, where she is part of Team Mario. She is not playable in amiibo Party mode, as Daisy didn't have an amiibo at the time Mario Party 10 was released.

Photobooth Edit

Daisy can make a number of poses. Bolded ones must be unlocked through purchase in the shop. Note: Daisy makes random noises for each pose.

Specific game boardEdit

Daisy (along with Waluigi, Toadette and Spike) does not have a game board in the amiibo Party mode, but Peach's game board may have some references to Daisy. Peach's game board contains a lot of flower-designed objects. Peach has never really been described having an affinity for flowers, which is more of a Daisy thing. These objects could be more related to Daisy, and could be a reference to Peach and Daisy's very strong friendship.


☀ Daisy can be seen on the "artwork" of the photo book, on one of the four pictures. She's in the foreground with Waluigi who is in the background.


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