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Mario Party-e is a table Mario Party game which also includes some minigames on the e-Reader (GBA).

Daisy is playable in the minigame Daisy's Rodeo!, where you need to press the right buttons to stay on the mechanical Bowser's back, if you press the wrong buttons too many times Daisy will fly away. While this game was released after Mario Party 4, Daisy's design is her original design instead of her current one.

Winning the minigame will give you the Daisy card which features her Mario Party 4 artwork.


Daisy's Rodeo! card


☀ Mario Party-e is the only Mario game in which Daisy is a playable character and Peach isn't.

☀ This is Daisy's only appearance on the GBA.


See the Mario Party: Gallery.

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