This is the gallery for the Mario Golf series.

Nes Open Tournament Golf Edit

See NES Open Tournament Golf.

Mario Golf: Toadstool TourEdit

See Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

Mario Golf: World TourEdit

See Mario Golf: World Tour.

Voices Edit

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Edit

Daisy Taunt 1 (Are You Just Gonna Let Me Win?)

Daisy Taunt 1 (Let Me Win)

Daisy Taunt 2 (Can you really make this?)

Daisy Taunt 2 (Can You Really Make This)

Daisy Taunt 3 (Seriously, are you aiming there?!)

Daisy Taunt 3 (Aiming THERE)

Daisy Taunt 4 (This shot's soooo easy.)

Daisy Taunt 4 (Easy Shot)

Daisy Cheer 1 (Watch where you send it!)

Daisy Taunt 5 (Watch It)

Daisy Cheer 2 (Just hit it!)

Daisy Taunt 6 (Just Hit It)

Daisy Cheer 3 (You can do this, I just know it!)

Daisy Taunt 7 (Sarcasm)

Daisy Cheer 4 (Let it fly!)

Daisy Taunt 8 (Let it Fly)

Daisy's Powerful Shot

Daisy Powerful Shot

Daisy Hole In One/Albatross/Eagle

Daisy Hole In One!

Daisy Birdie

Daisy Eagle

Daisy Par

Daisy Par

Daisy Bogey

Daisy Bogey

Daisy Double Bogey (No, no, no, no, no, you klutz! Get it together!)

Daisy Failed

Daisy when missing the hole.

Daisy Missed It

Daisy's victory

Daisy THANK YOU!!!

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