Daisy's Default Super Glider, as depicted in Mario Kart 8

Gliders are attachments to Mario Kart vehicles that help racers glide over large gaps, activating automatically when a racer rides over a blue boost zone with white chevron arrows. Gliders were first introduced in Mario Kart 7, and would later reappear in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Flower Glider

Mario Kart 7


Among the first batch of gliders added to the series, the Flower Glider made its debut in Mario Kart 7. the Flower Glider is an acceleration glider designed to be a daisy flower. It boosts acceleration, whilst decreasing air speed and weight. It has white petals, an orange and green center, and a green stem.

Mario Kart 8


The Flower Glider reappears in Mario Kart 8, with extreme differences. It now has yellow petals and an orange and black center. However, it retains the green stem.

  • Note: It is unknown whether or not these gliders reference Daisy.

Peach Parasol

Mario Kart 7

In Mario Kart 7, Daisy (Along with Rosalina and Honey Queen) received her own colouration of the Peach Parasol.

106px-MK7 Peach Parasol Daisy

The orange Peach Parasol in Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 8

This Glider later returned in Mario Kart 8, and was shared with Baby Daisy.

Peach Parasol

The orange Peach Parasol in Mario Kart 8


☀ The Flower Glider is the only glider in the Mario Kart series to receive such a drastic change between iterations. Most other gliders remained the same, or colors were only slightly altered.

☀ While it does not appear outside of the appearances listed above, the Petal Parasol from Animal Crossing bears similarities to the Flower Glider's Mario Kart 7 appearance.
Petal Parasol

The Petal Parasol from Animal Crossing