Super Smash Bros. Moveset Contest

Do you have a creative moveset for Daisy if she were to become a playable character in a Super Smash Bros. game? If so, now's your chance to show it off!


  • Entries will be excepted anywhere between June 20th and July 20th, 2017.
  • When writing your moveset, please specify which outfit you picture Daisy wearing. For example, her dress, sports outfit, biker suit, etc.

How To Enter

Wither post your entry on We Are Daisy Wikia or post it in the Rosalina, Peach and Daisy fanclub on Google + with the hashtag #DaisySmashEntry

The Prize

Your moveset will be fetured in the July edition of Sarasaland Gossip and you will be credited for your work. You will also receive early access to the July edition of Sarasaland Gossip, getting to read it two days before everyone else. A link to the July magazine will be sent to the winner, however, it is asked that you do not share this link with anyone until the July edition is released. Good Luck!


By Cool dunin97

-Standard A:Smack,Smack,Punch

-Right/Left Tilt: A Twirl Kick, she spins kicking anyone who is near by.

-Down Tilt: A low kick which launches opponents in the air

-Up Tilt: Daisy Takes her crown off hitting anyone above her


-Neutral B: Daisy Cycles through different sport objects (Similar to Pac-Man's Neutral B) Such as Baseball Bat , SoccerBall,HockeyStick ,Tennis Racket

-Side B: Daisy Throws a fit and starts raging toward the player at full speed knocking anyone in her way off the stage, there will be a meter above her head showing 1 2 3 4 5 6 to determine how full her power is.

-Down B: Daisy Throws 4-5 seeds on the ground which sprouts Daisys on the stage slowing the other players down and sometimes making the player sleep or become dizzy.

-Up B: Daisy pulls out the Flower Glider from Mario Kart 8 And can fly in the air for 5 sec. After that the flower petals fall off and she returns back on stage.

-Final Smash: Daisy Changes to her sports attire (Tank Top, Shorts) and Runs forward until she is by someone (if she doesn't reach anyone she falls on her butt and says "Aww Man") then she performs several combos with punches and kicks and at the end she takes a Tennis racket and launches you.

By Dunce03

Daisy: standard A: Punch, kick, punch,

side tilt: large kick

down tilt: sweep kick

up tilt: crystal head butt

standard special: superball shot

side special: Floral glide sideways

up special: uses sky pop to go upwards

Down special: ground pound

FINAL SMASH: flowers made of crystals appear and grab opponents and the flowers do 60% with a grab and smash attack.

By Joanna Balderas

Final Smash-She jumps in the air surrounded by flowers. Then she summons big blue spike like in Mario Strikers. She can control where the go to hit enemies.

Attacks Side attack- She kicks horizontally Up attack- She punches up(if charged up it can KO at low percents. Down Attack-She punches twice then kicks vertically. (Great for combos)

Special Attacks Side special- she can summon flower seeds that explode when the hit a target. Up special- She summons a bunch of little flowers that hit opponents above her.(Works great for a upwards shield. Down Special- She summons a flower making her jump in the air,hits opponents below her,great for recovery.

Taunts Side taunt-Turns to the screen and waves while saying "Hi I'm Daisy! Up taunt- Spins around gracefully while holding a daisy.

By Prιиcєss Dαιsy Sαrαsα (ɋυєєи σƒ sριи-σƒƒs)

Entrance: Daisy hops off the Sky Pop, saying "Hi, I'm Daisy!"

Appearance Change

Daisy's appearance is slightly tweaked to match Super Smash Bros.'s more realistic art style. She is taller, and has freckles on her cheeks. Her dress is more detailed, adding small daisies in between her dress's lines and its puffs. (Look at the picture below)

Idle animations

1.) Daisy impatiently hops twice, in similar fashion to her Mario Power Tennis taunt.

2.) Daisy puts her left hand on her hip, staring at her oponent.

3.) Stretches her fingers, resembling the pose of her Mario Party 8 artwork.



Punch --> Mini uppercut combo (7% damage)


Side: Daisy hits her opponent with her ankle (5%)

Up: Daisy kicks a football upwards with her knee (knee: 3% ball: 5%) ORIGIN: Super Mario Strikers

Down: Daisy performs a slide tackle (6%) ORIGIN: Super Mario Strikers


Neutral: Daisy spins around, making flowers appear around her (Daisy: 5%, flower(×1): 0.5%)

Front: Daisy hits her opponents with her baseball bat. It can meteor smash (7%) ORIGIN: Mario Superstar Baseball (duh)

Back: Daisy performs a 360 degree kick, which can meteor smash (6%) ORIGIN: Super Mario Strikers

Up: Daisy puts on her cheerleader pom poms and performs three quick slaps (slap(×1): 2.5) ORIGIN: Mario Sports Mix

Down: Daisy ground pounds (8%) ORIGIN: Super Mario series

Dash attack

Daisy performs a shove (7%) ORIGIN: Mario Party series


Side: Daisy hops and slaps her opponents and launches them upwards (20% uncharged, 30% full charge) ORIGIN: Mario Party 3

Up: Daisy throws a nut upwards, which explodes. Its seeds will hit players too (full charge: nut: 9%, explosion: 10%, seed(×1): 2%. uncharged: nut: 5%, explosion: 7%, seed(×1):0.5)

Down: Daisy punches the ground, making crystals grow around her (full charge: punch: 12%, crystal: 17%, uncharged: punch: 5%, crystal 6%) ORIGIN: Mario Strikers Charged


Grab range: short

Pummel: Weak punch (1.5%)


Front: Daisy kicks her opponent with her knee (5%)

Back: As Daisy throws her opponent backwards, crystals grow behind her, hitting the opponent (8%)

Up: Same as her up aerial (1.5%/punch)

Down: Gently places her opponent on the ground, and hits them with her golf club (12%) ORIGIN: Mario Golf Series


Neutral: Superball (5.5%) Daisy throws a Superball, which is basically a more bouncy version of Fireball ORIGIN: Super Mario Land

Side: Flowerbed Return (Daisy: 5%, flowers: 0.5%, raquet: 8%) A chargable attack. Charging it won't increase the damage, but the flowers, and how far Daisy moves. If the button is held down longer, Daisy will laid an attack with her raquet ORIGIN: Mario Power Tennis

Up: Bloom Trampoline (Daisy: 4%, flower: 7%) Daisy performs a high leap off a huge flower ORIGIN: Mario & Sonic series

Down: Duel Partner (Snifit: 5%, canonball: 10%) Daisy summons a Snifit with her Cellucar Shopper, who will charge at her opponents and shoot canonballs at them ORIGIN: Mario Party 3

Final Smash Daisy throws spores all over the stage, making flowers appear. The flowers slow down players. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake, and crystals appear on some points. Whoever gets hit by the crystals will be launched into the air, right next to Daisy. She's then deliver a big punch with flower and crystal effects to the opponent

~Other stuff

Alt. costumes

NOTE: Like Little Mac, Daisy has 16 costumes instead of the regular 8. Also, since Daisy's current look doesn't have color variants, I decided to base her alts (for the current one only, you'll see) off of real life flowers, just like how Duck Hunt Dog's alts are based off real life dogs.

Yellow/Orange: Her iconic dress from the GameCube era onwards

Red/Rose: Resembles a real life rose

_White/Lime green: Resembles a real life lilium

Black/Yellow: Based off Peach's and Rosalina's black and yellow costume to match

N64: Gives Daisy a full set of her N64 appearance, with the long hair, pink crown and white gollop pattern at the bottom. Also comes with an N64 voice

Purple/Dark Purple: Based off her alt. costume in Mario Tennis 64

Blue/White: Based off her sprite in NES Open Tournament Golf

Black/Gray: Based off her monochromatic appearance in the GameBoy era

Striker Uniform: Based off Daisy's striker uniform in Mario Striker Charged

Teal/Orange: Based off her alt. in Mario Strikers Charged

White/Yellow: Based off her biker uniform from the Mario Kart series

_Pink/Light blue: Based off Peach's striker uniform

Sports outfit: Daisy's outfit from the Mario sports games

White/Red: Based off White Mage's color pallete in Mario Sports Mix

Light Blue/Turqoise: Based off Rosalina's color pallete in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Green/Blue: Based off Luigi's iconic look from the Mario series


Up: Daisy performs her victory pose from Ultra Smash, while exclaiming "Oh yeah!". N64 Daisy will say "Yahoo!"

Side: Puts both hands on her hips and winks at the player.

Down: Waves around saying "Yeehaw! Hi, I'm Daisy!". N64 will say "Oh, thank you!". Based off her celebratory dance in Mario Tennis.

Victory Poses:

1.) Her victory pose from Mario Party 10. Daisy will say "I'm the winner!", while her N64 version will say "Yay, Daisy's the winner!"

2.) "Hot stuff" from the Mario Strikers series. Daisy will say "Nice shot!" while her N64 version will say "I got it!"

3.) Blows kisses while holding the Flower Cup trophy from the Mario Sports games. She'll say "Thank you!" (like in Mario Power Tennis) while N64 Daisy will say "Oh, thank you!" (Like in Mario Tennis 64)

By DarkYoungLink5 (Chris)

Entrance: Daisy comes from the sky and lands on a patch of flowers while saying "Hi I'm Daisy!". If Luigi is present she'll wish him luck before the match.

A Still: She'll use her Olympics boxing gloves for two hits, then a powerful vertical SLAP!!

A Walk: Daisy will cleverly use one of the spear Super Mario Land enemies' Spears to stab the opponet

A Run: She'll preform a sort of shoulder tackle

A Up: She'll use her Freeze Frame camera from MP6 upwards to stun her opponet in their tracks

A Down: Daisy will do a spinning fire kick, like Peach's but she only spins once and it'll cause fire damage

Standered Areail: Daisy will preform a cool axe kick downwards which can spike

Fair: She'll bash a dice block forwards which falls to the ground before disappearing, randomly showing a number. If it rolls the same number twice Daisy will get a speed boost too

Bair: Daisy will do a backwards kick, on fire as well...Owch!

Uair: She'll use her flower racket and swat enemies

Dair: Daisy will do a downwards kick like Mr Game & Watch, Greninja, Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Sonic and others. 

B: Daisy can create a permanent wall of Evil Stars from Mario Land 2 which is as tall as her. They'll disappear only when touched.

Side B: Daisy will use her Crystal Smash attack, causing three Crystals to spawn in front of her.

Up B: Using her flower racket to fling completely vertical she'll freeze in midair and can choose which direction to preform her Dair on

Down B: Daisy will start charging in spot if the button is held. Once depressed she'll skate off in her faced direction until turned which will make her skid, causing damage. She can stop by going off the stage or by jumping. Her skating will do some damage but also acts as a fast way to travel along the arena.

Anger: This is a special meter that fills up as Daisy is blasted off the stage. It fills up quicker the more she gets K.Oed. Just once in a minute would fill up the gauge completely! Now Daisy gets her attack power and areal mobility increased to deal some hard blows.

Superstar Attack (Final Smash): Daisy Twister

8 giant flowers will head into her opponents, each aiming into one of 8 corners of a joystick. A second round of flowers and a third will come too. It can be avoided as the farther the flowers fly the more space is open for fighters to go through the things. 


1: She'll swing her arms saying "Are you just gonna let me win?"

2: Daisy will wave to the foreground and background saying "Here comes Daisy!"

2 1/2: If the button is pressed along with B Daisy will laugh and put on Luigi's cap. It'll disappear if she dies.​ 

Victory Music: The Double Dash victory jingle

Victory 1: She'll mainly jump for joy and pose saying her Power Tennis victory line

Victory 2: She'll spin and point to the sky, the camera facing upwards akin to Open Tour

Victory 3: Daisy will grab a trophy on the ground with her skates saying "I'll take that.". If against Luigi she'll say "Hey sweetie!" Before the animation and dialog does to normal.

By Sneaky Shadow

⚫Princess Daisy ⚪Debut: Super Mario Land (1989) ⚪Series: Mario

⚫Trophy Description Princess Daisy is the tomboyish princess of Sarasaland that debuted in Super Mario Land. As her name implies, she has an affinity for flowers. Her attire, special abilities, personal emblems, and general representations are often flowers. Although Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland, she currently resides in the Mushroom Kingdom... a bit weird isn't it?

⚫Entrance A big closed daisy is in the stage. Then, it opens revealing Princess Daisy in it. She celebrates and shouts "Wahoo! Let's get' em!"

⚫Alternate costumes ⚪Orange: Her default appearence. ⚪Pink: Based on Peach. She'll be blonde as well. ⚪Light Blue: Based on Rosalina. She'll be blonde as well. ⚪Gray: Based on her debut in Super Mario Land. The whole character will be of said color. ⚪Red: Loosely based on Pauline. She'll be more brunette too. ⚪Purple: Her dress will be colored with Waluigi's main colors (purple mainly and a little parts will be yellow). ⚪Green: Her dress will be colored mainly with green and some little parts will be brown.

⚫Specials ⚪Neutral B: Floral Tornado (2nd pic) Loosely based on her special move in the Dream Fencing event in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Bassically, is like Zelda's Nayru's Love but instead of reflecting projectiles it absorbs them and so allowing Daisy to use them pressing B again (like Villager does with his Pocket ability). The tornado, however, has smaller size, covering just a bit more of Daisy's main body. The tornado also has offensive properties when Daisy is close to the opponents, like Nayru's Love.

⚪Side B: Wonder Flower (3rd pic) Loosely based on her offensive power shot in Mario Power Tennis. She slams a tennis ball with her racket letting the first to bounce twice forward; the second time, however, forces the ball to disappear into a flower like explosion, inflicting damage. If the player presses B again before the second bounce, the ball will explode immediately, although with less power and knockback.

⚪Up B: Daisy Jump (4th pic) Based on her special abilities in the Athletics events in the Mario & Sonic series. She'll jump very high from a giant flower (about the same height as Sonic's Spring Jump). Also, during the jump, Daisy will be surrounded by a flower-based aura that can damage her opponents, although when she reaches the zenith of the jump, Daisy will enter in a helpless state. The flower itself also inflicts damage.

⚪Down B: Crystal Smash! (5th pic) Based on her Super Ability in Mario Strikers Charged. With this special move, Daisy punches the ground, summoning a ring of huge sharp orange crystals that surrounds her for about three seconds, which knock all players around the surrounding area. Any player who stays in the zone, will be slammed by the quake, and will be dazed for a few seconds. It is possible to hit Daisy in the ring if the player wasn't hit by it. This move has a shorter range than its Mario Strikers Charged incarnation.

⚪Final Smash: Crystallized Daisy (6th pic) Based on her Mega Strike from Mario Strikers Charged. When the Final Smash is activated, Daisy slaps the opponents she has nearby in the front (like when she slapped Bowser in a cutscene of Mario Party 3) and sends them up to the air. She then jumps up high into the air with the opponents. She then raises her hand charging crystals into her clenched fist as her skin turns teal-black and punches the opponents straight the ground emitting shining crystals throughout the Mega Strike. Similar to Ike's Great Aether and Greninja's Secret Ninja Attack although missing the aerial combo, that's why the slap and the crystallized punch inflicts greater damage.

⚫Taunts Up Taunt: Poses to the camera and shouts "Hi, I'm Daisy!" Side Taunt: Takes out a soccer ball and juggles it three times (don't think her dress will hinder her!) Down Taunt: Like Ganondorf's down taunt, although she'll be watching her racket upwards, nodding.

⚫Victory screens 1) She'll do a dancing spin and then winks saying "Woo! Not too bad, right?" 2) Jumps excited twice, poses with her left hand upwards and says "I'm a Superstar!" ⚪If Peach or Rosalina are in a match, she'll say instead: "The spotlight is mine now!" 3) She goes on-screen skating (like in her Mario Power Tennis trophy celebration). Then stops and poses shouting "Alright, I won! Take that!" ⚪If Luigi is present, she'll say instead: "Hey sweetie, I won!"

⚫*Losing screen* Daisy will turn around her face, annoyed.

⚫Snake Codec ⚪Snake: Otacon... there's a girl here obsessed with flowers that looks like Peach. Is she related to her in any way? ⚪Otacon: That's Princess Daisy, the Princess of Sarasaland, which is a land consisting of four kingdoms: Birabuto, Muda, Easton and Chai. ⚪Snake: Four kingdoms uh? She must be very proud of herself... ⚪Otacon: You bet she is, although I think is mostly because she is a big athlete. And unlike Peach, she doesn't gives herself up that easily. Although there was one time she was kidnapped by Tatanga... ⚪Snake: Tatanga? ⚪Otacon: An alien from a mysterious origin. Although that's the only time she was captured according to our database. ⚪Snake: At least she can protect herself better than Peach with those flower-sports based attacks... this is gonna be interesting...

⚫Palutena's Guidance. ⚪Pit: Viridi, remember Luigi? ⚪Viridi: That overshadowed boy? Yeah... ⚪Pit: He must be grateful, he's just overshadowed by one person. But Daisy... ⚪Viridi: What's with her...? ⚪Palutena: She is overshadowed by Peach and Rosalina. That's a double shadow, even darker! ⚪Pit: Hehe... we said "shadow" a lot of times already don't you think, Lady Palutena? ⚪Palutena: Well, the ones that are in the shadows are made to shine brighter than others! ⚪Pit: Oh... I should've brought my sunglasses! ⚪Palutena: ...

⚫Home Stage: Sarasaland: A transitional stage. Begins with a modern version of Birabuto, then changes to a modern Muda, later a modern Easton and finally, a modern Chai (and Daisy's Castle at the background). Obviously, this cycle repeats itself until the match ends. The transitions will be like the ones in the Castle Siege stage. The Omega form of the stage, however, will be in a single platform stuck in Birabuto. It'll feature the following tracks: ⚪Super Mario Land medley (Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games) ⚪Boss Battle (Super Mario Land) ⚪Final Boss (Super Mario Land) ⚪Ending Theme (Super Mario Land) ⚪Daisy Cruise (Mario Kart: Double Dash) ⚪Daisy Circuit (Mario Kart Wii)

By Umbra Witch Jeanne

❁ Entrance ❁ uses Teleport (Like in Mario Strikers) and when She Lands Flowers Bloom and when he says "GO!" The Flowers Disappear.

❁ Appearance ❁ Daisy Wears Her Iconic Dress, With Slightly Changes like Having a Little Details on the Dress. And N64 Daisy As alt costume Similar to Bayonetta's Alt (The Older Bayo and The New Bayo) Costumes: 1, Daisy wears her default orange Dress 2, Old Daisy as Alt 3, Daisy wears black and Teal-blue (Like in Mario Strikers) 4, old Daisy wears black and white like in SML 5, Daisy Wears White and red Resembles Fire Daisy 6, Old Daisy Wears Peach's colors 7, Daisy Wears Pauline's Colors 8, Old Daisy Wears Rosalina's Colors

❁ Idle ❁ 1. Daisy Dance a Little bit Like in MP star rush 2. Daisy Bows Also Like MP star Rush 3. Daisy Put Her Hand on her Hair Like Mario Golf World Tour Par Animation

❁ Moves ❁

Neutral attack: She Slaps Like Peach But With Higher Damage

Tilts Side: Daisy Shove her Opponents Like in MP10 (Minigame, Platform Push) Up: She Summons Pom Poms and She Swing Up (Like In Mario Sports Mix) Down: She Attack with Her Heel

Air Attacks Neutral: She Spins With Flower effects Front: Daisy Jump Kick Like In MP10 (Also in Platform push) Back: Similar Like Front Air But with Back and of course it deals More Damage and Launchs Further Down: Daisy Do Ground Pound

Dash Attack (Daisy Run Animation Would be Like MP10/SR Running Animation. For walking animation Woud also be Like MP10/SR) She Will Do Floral Tornado Like in Mario & Sonic Series (Similar to Mega Man)

Smash Attacks Up: Summons Wall of Crystal That Can hit Enemies Upward and Reflect (Similar to Lucas) Side: She Bring Her Camera and Stun her Opponents for Limited Time (MP6 Minigame: freeze Frame) Down: Daisy Punches The Ground And Summon Large Sharp Crystals (The Crystals Would Be the Same Size as Daisy) Origin: (Mario Strikers)

Grabs Grab attack: weak Slaps (It as Fast as Peach's)

Throws Front: Daisy Throw her opponent and then hit Them With Super Fireball (Similar to Falco) Back: She Throws her Opponents Backwards Via Telekinesis Like in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Up: Daisy quickly Summons Pom Poms and she jumps while Throwing Her Opponents Upwards Down: Daisy quickly makes Flowers Bloom on her Opponent and Burry Them in The Ground

Specials Neutral: She Summons The Friendly Dice But Without Numbers, so it Have Items instead Like Sport items, Golf, Tennis Racket, Hockey Stick But It will Make more Sense if it is Super Mario Land Items, Having Super Fireball, Invisible Star, Super Mushroom and Coins Side: Daisy Uses Flower Trampoline Let Her Travel Further Without Leaving Defenceless (Similar To Palutena's Super Speed) origin: Mario & Sonic Series* Up: Daisy Uses Teleport To Travel Any Angle (Mario Strikers) Down: Summons Snifit With Her Cellular Shopper who will Grab Opponent Or Shoot Canonballs But Still Protect Daisy Like Zelda's Phantom

Final Smash she Slap Opponents and Send them Flying In The Sky and Then Daisy Jump as Crystallized Daisy And Then Punch Them In The Ground

❁ Taunts ❁ Up: Daisy Do her Princess Pose Like in SML Side: Put Her Hands on Her Hips and Then Winks Like Her Main Pose Down: Daisy Make Flowers Bloom and giggles

By Daisy Corner

Mario Odyssey Moveset Time: Sand Queen Daisy Version Daisy wears an upgraded version of her regular dress, combined with a sombrero hat.

Down B: Moe-Eye A Moe-Eye pops out of the ground in front of Daisy. The Moe-Eye has two "'modes" If he has his sunglasses off, he walks around. However, if the Moe-Eye is hit, it starts running towards Daisy, dealing damage and heavy knockback. A safer, but less rewarding mode is his "sunglasses on" mode. In this mode, he stands still, but since he's concentrating onto the nice view, he won't notice that he's attacked. Daisy can change modes by throwing her hat with her Neutral B, which is the only atack Moe-Eye doesn't mind.

Moe-Eye have the standard capabilities of a wall, being used to block opponents from advancing, but also being used to jump, or even wall jump, from.

Neutral B: Hat Throw Daisy throws her sombrero. She can throw her hat in eight directions like Mega Man's Metal Blade. If the hat hits an opponent, it's hit with a multi-hit attack, like Greninja's fully charged Water Shuriken. Her hat cannot be caught and does not act as an item.

If the player holds the B button, she can throw the hat in a circle around her, with a rainbow trail appearing behind it. This move is more powerful, but since the hat circles a good distance away from her, the move leaves a blind spot despite going around her body, hitting both front and back.

This move is Daisy's main combo starter and main tool to control the Moe-Eye

Side B: Jaxi Daisy hops onto a Jaxi, which sends her speeding forwards. Daisy can jump off the Jaxi at any time, which might be useful since the Jaxi can't be controlled and will not stop at the ledge if it sees one. However, the Jaxi will stop and disappear as soon as Daisy jumped off. Daisy can also not jump off as soon as the Jaxi has begun its trail, having to wait a few frames. If the Jaxi crashes into an opponent, the opponent is launched with heavy knockback, although Daisy gets send back as well due to the recoil. The real use of Jaxis reveals itself when one crashes into a Moe-Eye, which sends the Moe-Eye flying like Pac-Man's Fire Hydrant, all while the Jaxi keeps going. This allows Daisy to truly pressure the opponent in a quite non-subtle way. (Only wusses need tight spacing to pressure, am I right Peach?) If everything aligns, Daisy can even break a shield by slamming a Jaxi into a Moe-Eye, jumping off and hitting the opponent with another move (With the hat throw being the safest, but not the most damaging)

Up B: Flower Trampoline Daisy jumps off of a Flower Trampoline as seen in the various game footage. This sends her directly upwards. For her horizontal recovery, she'll automatically slowly glide through the air by spinning around after performing the move. This spin is a bit faster than her normal air speed and she can cancel the spin at any time, but this makes her even more helpless considering her high fall speed and slow air speed.

By Seinc KoopaTroopaFan

Princess Daisy Super Smash Bros Moveset Ideas06:32

Princess Daisy Super Smash Bros Moveset Ideas

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